Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KARMIC GOODIES: Some of the animals in my life!

Even though I have learned that I am allergic to most animals, they are still an important part of my life.  the holidays, don't forget that they are most certainly part of the family too! (Which is why I need to make them some homemade treats!)
In my last entry I wrote about my Dad and Step-mom's Schnauzers and thought it was essential that you get to know them a bit!! : ) They are too adorable and my parents treat them like their little boys. 
Here is THEO! He is the older one and such a "Rump" (as he is nicknamed) He is the perfect big-little dog and loves his big Sis so much! (That would be me!)
Here are the two of them together, Vincent and Theo (named after the Van Gogh's!) Vincent, aka "Rimp", is the little one in the foreground. Little Vincent is about to turn a year old and is a recent addition to the family. I was amazed that my parents were able to find another white Schnauzer, and one even smaller than Theo!! Cuteness!
Dogs are so interested in humans!

And then there was my home!! Here is my true-love Jasper Johns! (Named after the artist!)
It is so hard to describe Jasper for what he really is...a WACKY CAT!! He is unique in so many ways! He isn't afraid of anything, yet he is gentle and cries like he's a kitten even though he weighs 14 lbs.! He loves to cuddle and even like to have his paws massaged. He does backflips for the laser light and various toys on strings. He loves water, kisses, and is a total Mama's boy!! Can't you tell he is a handful?
At the time of this picture he had managed to nudge himself within a few inches of our other cat Fana (french for crazy!) who generally dislikes him like most big sisters feel towards their little annoying brothers. However, this was the closest I have witnessed them lay without a fight breaking out or some form of hissing happening.

As you can see here, she is quite annoyed!
But they are sooo precious!!
What makes the two of them even more funny is that Jasper is literally twice her size (if not more) and yet she is the boss!! Sigh!

I love the  dynamic of these animals and how different having cats is as opposed to dogs...yet, they all have so much character and fill my life with so many funny anecdotes and love!


  1. Those are super-cute dogs, and I love the cats too. You've described them so well. I would love to have a cat, but both Mr Kitsch and I are allergic, so it's a no-go. : (

  2. Vincent and Theo...those are really cute names!

  3. An animal lover, go figure :)
    I grew up with dogs all my life, but discovered how loveable cats really are. My next pet will probably be a cat since I, too, love my independence.



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