Monday, January 26, 2009


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  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Did you know that Obama smokes cigarettes? Yeah, my dad told me the other day. And you know how he's like half black, and it's not even like I'm a slave black but more like I came from Africa, recently ... African-American-black. Well because of this there are a handful of people who when he first started running didn't consider him "black enough," this of course could have just been a way of white people that wanted to vote for him but didn't want to be that white guy that voted for a black guy. Anyway, how much do you think his "blackness" would have increased if it was shown that not only was he a smoker but that he was a Newport smoker? You may think this is a little racist, it so is, but is it not true? ... Oh shit "MOPE" I get it, rhymes with "Hope"

  2. I did know, but I didn't know he smoked Newports...bizarre...I pictured him as a more refined smoker, or at least a Marlboro man...and often the term black is really an American African is separate....bottom line, sometime people are just plain ignorant...or should I say "ignant"?

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    lol Ignant, I wasn't saying he smoked Newports, i was implying how much Americans would probably consider him more "black." I personally hope he's a Marlboro man Newports are icky.

  4. Athena-sabi5:43 PM

    No "Mope" allowed.

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