Thursday, January 22, 2009


Been a bit under the weather (pray I don't have the flu) and overwhelmed with how much in life I need to get done...but yet, I am inspired...pensive, but filled with anticipation...lots more to share when I get some energy!

Image from the amazing site Obama Art Report
I love how our new President has already inspired so much beauty and of course...hope...

    I never like to put my political views out in the open--it's one of those topics that I hate to defend or argue, like religion in some ways...they're all just too personal to discuss-- however, we have a new president, an historical movement in our country, a 'democratic' house from the top down. Thus, I figured there was no harm in having hopes after the official inauguration, so I gave my students an extra-credit assignment to write about what they hope for the country now that we have a new president.  This was one of those assignments that forced me stop to and also think. Then, in the midst of that thinking I stumbled upon this link through Ali's blog --which continued to motivate this train of thought. What I expect from a new administration is very different from what I hope for, I am too realistic...but I can dream can’t I?

My hopes....
(a list that will grow and change as I continue to put precious thought  into our future...)

1. That we have an administration run with care and pragmatism
2. That education (and the arts) get the due attention it deserves!! (As in, run by educators and not business men!!)
3. Stronger regulations on corporations
4. More consideration for the environment—waste not want not!
5. Creating more than we consume
6. Caring for our country before warring with any others
7. Focusing on rehabilitation for those who are jobless, homeless, kicking addictions, imprisoned for crimes...
8. Focus on our future will be given as much care as the past
9. That our laws will be more balanced in relationship to crimes
10. That civil servants will have salaries that fairly represent the difficult jobs they have

    In the mean time, as I feel myself spinning inside, I need just look at my wrist and take deep breaths....

Tell me, what do you hope for??


  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I just hope President Obama is able to do a good enough job to make him an exceptional president, but not too good of a job to make him a target for those that disagree with is vision. Although I didn't vote for our current president I hope he is able to accomplish anything I would have expected from his opponents, yet jazzier and with such great articulation. Also you better damn well be showing that thing off now, it's like you're branded for the next 4-8 years just because of his slogan, be his billboard! ... but in a subtle cool off the shoulder kind of way, a kind of broken just dangling there shoulder, but a shoulder non the less.

  2. I wonder who you did vote for..I am assuming you voted...and regardless, I am supporting our president because that is what a good American does...though I must say, in a week of Presidency, he has already made good on quite a few promises!!! And, yea, I hid the tat well while he was running so people didn't think it had anything to do with Obama, but now I guess I can be a groupie or something!!

  3. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Hey they're not called groupies, for presidents they're interns. Ha social-political references!

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Would you do Obama? Because I actually don't think he's that good looking, I mean he's young and he's better looking in the respect he's not some old dude, but eh.

  5. I like cheese. (94 days left till I can criticize the O-Man. I'm making careful notes in the meantime ..."mean"time.)



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