Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sadly, this movie didn't seem to get positive which I say (now that I have FINALLY gotten to watch it): YOU JUST DIDN'T GET IT!! Perhaps people had a stigma against Jack Black in an 'indie' film, or had a hard time dealing with the incidentally not-so-strange combo of him and Mos Def...eiter way I was touched and inspired by this beautiful film! Michel Gondry is a cinematic/creative genius known for his work on music videos (particularly with the magnanimous Bjork), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (my favorite), and The Science of Sleep-- so I knew that even if the plot was as turbulent as the latter film, I would at least be visually enamored. 
The movie synopsis will tell you that because of his typical foibles, Jack Black's character manages to erase all of the videos in the dilapidated neighborhood rental/thrift store. What is not made clearly known is that the store as a local mythos that albeit only meaningful to Mos Def's character, is being threatened of demolition to build condos. Thus theme #1, the battle between big business/modernization and small/local ownership-- which really reveals so many other social issues, but I'll save all of that for conversation. The film summary will also tell you that Mos Def and Jack Black recreate the films that have been erased, but what I found missing from many of the reviews and previews I heard was the creativity and messages this movie addresses. Firstly, to see how the characters recreate the films is worth the rental! Some who may not appreciate ingenuity or crafstmanship may see this aspect as cheesy, but what I saw was brilliance and something missing from the lives of many-- IMAGINATION! And in the film, the small and seemingly trivial community picks up on tis and realizes ow much better it is to be an "act-er" in life, rater tan just a passive viewer....and how it is so much more sweet to be part of someting and see yourself up there, than it is to merely dream. I will keep the bulk of the plot silent so you can watch and perhaps share your perspective, but I warn you, if you have a creative spirit that yearns for a time in which a soul existed in society, then you will surely experience some heARTrtwrenching moments and and perhaps desire a simple movement of people challenging the desire of the corporate world to destroy all that makes us unique and free!

To the handmade movement, to being interactive, to being creative, to being inspired!


  1. Anonymous3:36 AM

    I get that you have a point, but I just wasn't a fan of the movie and I truly did want to see it for qualities I was expecting it to have. It's not that I mind Jack Black in an indie film, I kind of mind him in any film, his films aren't that good even if they promote a lesson, or give Jason Alexander a tail. Mos Def I enjoy as an actor and in this movie I don't think he did as good of a job as he could have. The only thing I was able to take away from this film aside from mild ideas on how to shoot a movie set in nighttime in the daytime, was at least one thorough laugh at Jack Black, in Black Face. Oh and G-d Bless the fact Danny Glover is still getting work.

  2. I have to laugh at some of your points because I totally see where you're coming from!! I guess I had an immunity to Jack Black in this film, because you're right, I can't even think of another one of his films that I can stomach. There was certainly a lot to be desired as far as plot, acting, and perhaps editing, but my sentimentality won and I was all weepy and inspired. Showing my girliness now!

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Trust me I am one to show my girlyness, not manly at all but I can't even remember a choked up level, it really made you cry? Inspired I can see.

    Jack Black does have one amazing movie and it's not just because of the rest of the cast, he is in addition to the cast amazing and that movie is "Saving Silverman" ... agree?

  4. It could have been the film or the amount of times pricked my finger with the sewing needle, but I was touched, maybe because I long for some type of communal experience that says 'take that mr. big business'...and I really need to see that movie, not the first time I have gotten the recommendation!



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