Sunday, January 18, 2009

KARMIC UPDATE: when life gives you grey, make some neon!!

Life has been topsy turvey still, my arm is ready for a bionic replacement, the letter 'h' is still on vacation, and I may possibly be scrambling for a roommate soon, BUT, despite my tendency to become depressed and reclusive, I NEVER give in totally!! So, here is some recent EXCITEMENT!!

MY PERLER BEADS ARE IN! I ordered these lovelies from bluendash through ebay and  got so much extra with my order! I am soo happy with all of the colors, the way everyting is bagged and labeled for me, and about the ideas I can't wait to make. My lovely and eco-conscious friend Cyndy mourned over the perler beads being plastic, which makes me feel a bit awful, so perhaps these aren't Karmic Goodies, as much as just eye-candy! 
Then there is my recent love of embroidery and hand-sewing! These are some little clouds I made just to practice the blanket stitch.
Then there is the MOST EXCITING NEWS!!! I decided to do someting completely selfish and sign up for Elsie and Rachel's joint web-worksop!!! If you look at the project list you will certainly be both inspired and jealous!
These are the lovelies: Racel Denbow and Elsie Flannigan...
have been following their progression for about five years now (crazy?? web-stalkerish?? hmmm) Well, in all fairness, Elsie is scrapbooking royalty with two books, a product line, and a huge following. Rachel primarily runs their joint venture RED VELVET ART which had a funky kit club and is now opening up a 'real life' store!! (I wish I lived in MO!) Rachel also runs thheartachingly cute shop PONY PARTY on etsy. So, even though I have never considered myself a groupie type, I couldn't help but want to be in on the fun and let Rachel and Elsie get to know me!! (hahaha!) Truhtfully, I am trying to make creativity more of a priority in life even if others may find me selfish. Through this course I hope to meet some crafty friends and bring smiles to my forlorn face!   
Look at these cute project sneak-peeks!
And speaking of sneak-peeks, here is a looksy at my first blog giveaway....
To making dreams come true, even if it's a lonely road!


  1. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Be careful with those plastic beads, when I was about 8 for some reason my mother allowed my brothers, and I to use them with the wax paper and iron all by our selves, no I couldn't have been 8 ... anyway I was younger then that even and while my brothers weren't looking I ironed my hand. Kind of like one of your accidents just at a rightful age for it to happen, anywho I don't remember playing with them much after that, so be careful or you may be scared away from your awesome new toys. this does however make me want a new Creepy Crawler oven, hmm I need to look on eBay now.

  2. Ah nostalgia!! I don't know what truly spurred this recent obsession of mine, in retrospect, this is probably one of the silliest crafts I have decided to make my own, I made a little skull and became oddly hooked...all the pretty beads called to me and then I went on ebay and ordered thousands....oh, and had brothers who ironed me when I was a kid, luckily I have a mini-craft iron and wax-paper...and no brothers around!!

  3. I love your plushies! The clouds are so cute!

  4. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Well as long as your safe then I guess you're safe.

  5. fun! I'm in the class with you! I see you and I have the same taste in art. Joshua is my good friend!
    Keep up the cute, cute work! See you in class soon!

  6. Renee: You inspire me!

    Anonymous (though I think I know who you are): Safe for certain!!

    Maia: I am so excited to make a lot of fun things and not feel guilty about it! I randomly discovered Joshua and LOVE is colors!!

  7. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Who am I? (ERIE MUSIC)

  8. Thanks for the mention! I can't wait for our class to start. It's gonna be SOOOOOO FUUUUN!!



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