Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A new obsession....wow, today I feel so lucky. First I need to tank How about Orange for being te one to introduce me to what I think is a dream world come true for me....sigh...please experience the magic, and if you know me even a tad, you could probably gander why this would be the latest thing for me to get wide-eyed about...STOP MOTION, CRAFT, STUFFED SCOTTIE DOGS (ahem, see my last post), all from the director of long-time-love "A Nightmare Before Christmas"and written by Neil Gaiman ....what more could I ask for? Perhaps an amazing website world rife with fun treasures and retro/artistic downloads (here is my favorite!)...I need to catch my breath...check this: 

And there are even viral blogs for characters! Check out Bobinsky !! Excuse my emphatic overuse of exclamation points...but I am super excited for some eye-candy fun!! 


  1. OMG!!! Before Bolt went on, they showed all of the coming attractions in 3D and there was one for Coraline...I loved that book so much, I bought two copies. The 3D is coming to the UA shortly. I can't wait. This is so nice to see we share the love, again!!! Thanks for the links!
    This afternoon, I went to the library because I had to deal with the fact that Baruch lost or never mailed my transcripts...Also, had to do some school (Cub) research...I don't like to talk on the phone in great length in the office.
    Everything is very well with me. Today was a happy day. I hope it was for you, too. See you tomorrow. I'm glad you liked the fudge.

  2. Anonymous3:29 AM

    What's "REAL-D 3-D?"

  3. Is REAL-D a hip way of saying real life? I’m not sure! haha



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