Tuesday, January 13, 2009

KARMIC UPDATE: a wise owl once told me...

...to keep on truckin'...and I am. I don't know of any alternates. Despite my dream of blogging and crafting all day, in reality I am too busy to focus on  what makes me truly happy...but I still have obsessions...and the latest is EMBROIDERY and hand sewing altogether! I run advise a new club cutely named "Sew Fierce" and realized tat most of the members need serious teaching, thus I had to teach myself and master some stitches if I was going to share! All I can say is bless the internet, particularly YOUTUBE for providing me with a free intensive sewing course! I am so super inspired, partially because creation is my therapy, and really, I need some in my life right now. Luckily, simple things like my little owlie make me feel warm and fuzzy inside...he took forever and was done entirely free-and based on this guy .

Next up is a surprise project that if all goes to plan will be my first blog giveaway!! I am also hoping to make a cute scotty dog plush for my step-mom's birthday (I am practicing embroidering hand drawn letters!) and make some stuff from my awesome Aranzi Cute Stuff book  and then take over the world!!! 
I am awaiting a package of floss I won off of e-bay and my other craft obsession I'll share another time. PLUS, I keep listening to this album, WOW...they may get their own post....must find a show!! (It's been since November, I am going trough live music withdrawal!!!)

(BTW: I spilled coffee and my laptop, watched my life flash before my eyes, cleaned it up and the letter 'h' doesn't work....so I am pasting a random 'h' in the proper places! grrr...it never ends!)

Stick around blog friends, I'm not going to let upside-down cake life stop me from becoming....and I am thinking of getting another tattoo...but where on the body is my question...

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