Sunday, January 04, 2009


My apartment has become infested with dust...even after turning it into a plastic-covered-a-la-Dexter-bubble, everything is still lethal to an allergy sufferer as myself. The worst part is that a deep-clean is futile since the windows still need to be installed...welcome to me hell-o-time-to-focus...So, what do I do when I am depressed and have crazy sinus headaches and hypochondriac delusions of dust-mites eating me piece by piece? I obsess over stuff that has nothing to do with what I should be doing!! So, welcome to my dream world, brought to you by the letter P for procrastination, A for allergies, the number 1 (as in the last day of my 'vacation') and the oh-so-glorious world of Mid-Century Modern Chairs and EBAY...

Now here is a true Eames beauty!! Sigh...

Perhaps my next obsession will be making a FLICKR MOSAIC of Eames Chairs...hmmm

These here are my loves!

Is it sick that this picture makes me gooey and happy?

If you are obsessed with this period as well, check out Herman Miller for the mecca of Mid-Century Modern furniture and inspiration, or the lovely blog the Mid-Century Modernist, or the very nifty shop Vintage Swank ...sigh...who knew English teachers dreamt of chairs... It is 5pm...I should be marking papers and returning to the land of "tomorrow I have to go back to work!"-- a place I haven' t missed all that much...


  1. I am surprised you didn't notice my eames-era sturgis office chair at my computer desk!! It's blue wool-plaid, too!!! Okay, enough bragging. (wink!) You reminded me of papers...did I happen to tell you when my car was robbed over break they also took my school bag with EVERYTHING in it? Today, I had to buy a new bag. There was nothing at Target, so I had to settle with a silly nylon briefcase. Phew-wee! Too bad there is no place to purchase a new grade book with my students grades, too! GAD. That sucked so bad.
    See you tomorrow!!! Yes, a weekend date sounds perfect. WE have gifties for you, too...I'll bake the cookies.

  2. you have so much cool stuff I could have looked for weeks before choosing favorites (besides the wood houses, the mixed media bird cage piece etc.)

    I'll bring some wine! Or something fun...

  3. So happy to be reading your blog once again. You reminded me that I have an Eames rubber stamp set - lot's of funky chair and art stamps! Happy tomorrow!

    Cyndy - I still can't get over that someone stole your grade book too! OMG! So sorry!

  4. Renee: You must post something with those stamps!

    Cyndy: I know...I am dumbfounded...

  5. I love those chairs... and so sympathise with you re the dust allergy thing!!

  6. i have a thing with dust too--they make me sneeze like crazy.

    oh, and i like to get my mid-century fix on craigslist. i never win anything on ebay!

  7. Love the red rocker - and, alas, dust is my enemy as well:)

  8. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I like those chairs. I like how they're all different colors and shaped so strangely. And I also like your personal statement--EXCELLENT blog--bravo.

    Clayrn Darrow

  9. CLAY, you rock!! An astounding blog you own as well!!

  10. Anonymous8:15 AM

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