Thursday, January 01, 2009

ODE TO '08

2008 has passed...
...another car passing, another series of lights and noise thrusting me into another season of the Jenn Show...thank you to all of the interesting characters who have made their cameos or ongoing roles...
To keep my priorities straight I am sharing some music! It feels like it's been forever since I've been to a show--it turns out forever was November! I was truly PO'd too because Beirut is sold out everywhere....thus forcing me to check all of my sites that are supposed to notify about these things...but I digress...I try to make an Ode to the last year CD for some friends willing to listen, so now that I know how, I've decided to share one virtually!! (Insert ooh's and aah's!) This version is true to albums that came out in 2008, even though my true playlist consists of more from 2007 and earlier, the point is to focus on the releases of the year...there are a few here I was/am excited about, but generally the brother and I agree that 2007 was a better year overall and 2009 looks promising. So here is the Top 15 + a bonus (one of my all time old school faves)!! The playlist can be played from my sidebar (in this post was just too hard to do) or just follow the giant link below!

 ODE TO '08
There were a few that I couldn't seem to get on the playlist from the iLike site: "Falling Down" by Scarlett Johanson, "Adrift in Space, or Whatever" by Electric President
And then the albums still needing to get proper attentionLust Lust Lust by The Raveonettes, Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis, Snake's Got a Leg by Sunset Rubdown, Saturday's=Youth by M83, Carried to Dust by Calexico, Arm's Way by Islands....and I'm sure there is more that my iTunes and 2008 has to offer...but I think I have babbled enough...hope it all goes down nicely! 
HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that jazz...

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  1. Hello, I'm a developer at iLike and found your post on our playlists (or actually a co-worker found it); I'd love to help you get the iLike playlist working.

    There is a known problem with using the iLike and Shelfari widgets on the same page. We expect to have a fix out within the next week, but in the meantime you could try using the Shelfari flash widget instead of the html widget.




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