Friday, February 20, 2009


I plan on working on the teepee village tomorrow night with Cyndy  of Heliotrope Tree House who may inspire me to break out my sewing machine for the "X Marks the Spot Blanket" (which I adore!)--but until then I am going to share my obsession that seems to actually be lasting and growing! Now, I adore functional craft so naturally I was extra proud of my headband/ear warmer today while walking in an insanely windy city today--but my pride is finally finished--the super long and soft scarf taken from "Stitch'n' Bitch:The Happy Hooker" (minus one row of scalloped edging since I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn!) --And please excuse my photobooth pics! (Next post will have nice photos!)

I used red chenille that I got for $1.29 per small skein at The Christmas Tree Shop!

The scarf ended up being nearly twice as long as I am!!! Now I have a much better idea of when to follow a pattern exactly or not! Notice the cute edging!!

This is me ever so happy with my lovely soft first ever complete scarf!!!
And these pics are of another Creative Yarn necklace that I embellished with some buttons:

I love versatility!!

And, to all of my new RVA friends--xoxo, so much more fun stuff to come!!

AND, to my Aunt B--thank you for your wonderful insight and support!!!



  1. I love the scarf - I wish I could crochet! I am SO behind in Elsie & Rachel's class already. I'm hoping to work on the blanket this weekend. Good luck with your projects!

  2. I just started blogging and decided to click on my one interest "ideas" and ran into your blog. I don't know who the f! u r but u r extra cool at 12:26 my time. Saw the hooker ref and thought you should check out, crafting document out of Milwaukee. I wrote a review on my blog. PAEACE!

  3. lol thanks! i love the scarf! i have that book, but haven't got into it yet, but my boyfriend has lol. i'm still knitting...xo

  4. You've had a productive week off apparently. nice.

  5. You go, Girlie!!! I actually have that book. I received it as a Christmas present the year Cub was born. I guess people thought I'd have a lot of time on my hands with a newborn!!! Hah! Maybe I should break into it and give it a whirl. Looks like fun!

  6. I am loving crochet so much, it really is so much easier than knitting, though naturally somewhat more limited...but there are really special quirks to crochet and honestly, it is harder to notice your mistakes!! haha. xoxo everyone!!

  7. Anonymous7:00 AM

    I like your necklace, the actual one not the one you made. What's written, or appears to be written on it. Though your old-lady-like one is quite, quaint.



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