Thursday, February 19, 2009

KARMIC GOODIES:Happiness is...

...discovering art...



  1. Athena-sabi4:10 PM

    Aunt B checking in
    I have been following blogs on and off for quite awhile, back when they were called "Online Journals" and you were taking that car for a spin through the plate glass window.. I have often thought that a lot of the stuff I read was pap, i.e. "Today I went to the store and bought socks." Only more often than not, waaay more self indulgent. (hence the on and off part) It occurs to me now, in my old age, that blogging is an excellent opportunity for writers to hone their skills at writing for a wider audience. Your ability to put it all out there is something that I certainly don't have the stuff to do, which is why I did only OK in Autobiographical Writing at CSI. Just couldn't tell ALL the secrets, especially for a grade. Imagine seeing red a "C" (I didn't, but you know what I mean) at the top of your life story. Could keep one in therapy for years…

    In general, though, Bloggers otherwise provide in their sidebars delicious little tidbits they find both on and off the Web, which is helpful because its such a huge world and there is so little time. So thanks for that.

    So I share one for you. Like Robots? Try Clocky. You will love this I promise: go to
    and look around for clocky.
    PS. LOVE the Private Moon

  2. oh that lulu and tummie one is darn hot. i love it.

  3. love your blog :)
    keep up the good work


  4. Love that private moon. I want to jump into that world right now and live there forever!!!

  5. Hey there! Just wanted to pop in; I so appreciated your comment. A girl needs an "Amen" once in a while - right? Ha, ha. Your blog is soo delightful! I love that last piece you put up...that says freedom of speech. Fabulous taste. We could be great friends. Loveeee.



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