Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've been gone awhile, trying to make sense of life...and in the meantime, my obsessions are still keeping me going! The latest...crochet! I struggled with knitting and was always curious about using only one needle (hook) and after hours and hours and hours of playing, here are a few things I am willing to show! (Mind the terrible pics from my Photobooth, eventually I will put batteries in my camera...) 

This project was an attempt to copy some of Creative Yarn's patterns...but this was one of my first attempts at anything it came out kind of awful...but I improvised and made it a versatile headband!

This cute Irish inspired ruffle necklace is what I made after being frustrated by not being able to do any of the supposedly easy patterns on the super cool Creative Yarn site...this was taken from this awesome site via Burdastyle.

 And then there was even more....

As you can see I love how versatile my crochet accessories can be!! My inspiration was from Creative Yarn, but what I actually did was use the flower pattern from For the Love of Yarn and then I chained about 200 and made a little loop to slip the main tail in so I can wear this piece in many ways. (You will see essentially the same thing with the pink flower!)

My most recent project started as this headband pattern at Craft Leftovers , but I noticed my head is way too  big to have simply tied this, so I added two buttons in order to have another switcheroo garment!! 

Look, I'm a headband or a big head!

Now I am a headband for a messy big head!

Now I am a sophisticated neck cuff.

And now I am a stylish neck cuff!
Some other crochet favorites I've found: 

3. Make Granny Squares (because they are so much fun!)
5. Cut out and Keep (which simply rocks!)
Certainly more to come!! Lots of love, today and every day!


  1. Oh, so pretty. Almost makes me want to get back on the chain gang!
    I would love to crochet doll clothes for Cub...and jewelry, too. We have a suitcase full that my great-grandma made for my mamas dolls...It's such a feminine craft. I love it.

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I don't understand any of the Knit-talk you persist on using, between the photos, yet I wish I did. I want a scarf no fancy patterns just a plain scarf, and stores don't have that, damn fashion. And yeah a camera might help, you look like a deer in head lights in most pics. Except for the one with the pink flower around our head, you look cute in that one.

  3. Your creations are wonderful - especially since it was your first time!

  4. aw you're a qt.

    i can't knit to save my life. eep!



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