Monday, March 02, 2009

RVA Projects and thankfully snowed in!!!

First I must thank the snow gods for providing me with a second shot at a Sunday since I spent my actual Sunday being sleepy and lazy despite desperately wanting to catch up on some RVA projects. After a fun Friday and Saturday with Adam, a great dinner at Belgium beer at the Draft Barn in Park Slope and then Phosphorescent at the Bell House I got to make my own chalkboard thought bubble!! I wish I had the money to buy some of them out there, but sadly I don't! BUT, I bought this bubble at Michael's (which has such a great array of wood shapes!) and applied chalkboard paint...and voila...I am, even though I am still behind, here are my latest class editions!

Felt Teepee Village (project #3) 
I am somewhat happy about these though there was definitely some trial and plenty of error!! Notice the snow???

Jersey Knit Scarf (Project #6)
This project was sooooooo much fun and I even made myself a pink headband with some extra jersey! I used a pink t-shirt I bought from Michael's for $1 and an old t-shirt from a Halloween themed wedding many many moons ago! I added a small 'X' from extra t-shirt, a ribbon strip, and a button. Sweet!

Felt Family Wall Art (Project #7)

This piece is titled: "Brother and Sister" and naturally I made it for my brother Chris. We are best buds, crazy music lovers who love to see music together, and we are both children of the 80's, so I thought the tapes would be fitting!! I gave this to him today and he has a perfect spot on his wall!

Brother close-up

Sister close-up

And here is the basic layout of Project #5. Generally I am taking the projects pretty literally since I am so pressed for time. All of this is to make me learn how to devote time to the important creating!! But, I need some advice about his dye doilies or not ro dye doilies??? What do you guys think about the layout?? I need to decide before I start the task of sewing!! 

(Sorry about the terrible picture!!)
This wonderful craft session was brought to you by the sweet sounds of Beirut "March of the Zapotecs/Real People "Holland"; Animal Collective "Merriweather Post Pavillion"; Mates of State "Re-Arrange Us"; Vampire Weekend "Vampire Weekend"; Electric President "Sleep Well"; and Seabear "The Ghost Who Carried Us Away" is love!

And...after nearly six years of first snow day!!!!


  1. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and leaving a comment. I've been surfing the blogs alot these days and have been coming acrossed some really neat ideas that I would like to try as well. So I'm glad your liking the inspiration as well.
    Your doing a great job on all of your RVA projects. Someday I will get mine completed.

  2. Anonymous3:12 AM

    OMG the tape decks are the shit, and yeah I never buy extra cloth to make stuff I just go but uber cheap shirts in all colors, For the Simpsons' Movie Premiere, i was Bart but instead of painting myself yellow and pretending I had jaundice, I made yellow leggings and sleeves, and of course a head piece. I think you'd of liked it.

  3. I love the little tapes! Awesome!

  4. All are lovely, Jenn. So glad you had an extra day to craft and just enjoy. I treasure our moments of crafty-talk and all of your sharing. Thank-you, Sweet One.

  5. they are AWESOME! the cassettes are totally neat.

    agh. i wish i had time to craft.

  6. I love the cassettes. Would go great with my cassette ipod cozy on my blog. Cool site. Thanks!

  7. the projects look GREAT! the cassettes... cuuute! i would dye all the doilies! lovely project that i haven't gotten to yet! :D looove 'pretty'

  8. Love the felt teepee's. I work with adults with disabilities and we do a summer scheme every year. This year the theme is Indians. We have collected tons of boxes to ,make totem poles and your teepee's will definetly be included..thanks for the



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