Monday, April 27, 2009


Reasons I Love my MacBook (aka Mac)

 1. The Genius Bar!! Seriously, until I had a Mac I was somewhat computer illiterate and never bothered calling some outsourced voice from out of the country….and now…my computer needs a facelift? Easy. Need to understand how to operate a program? Easy!! Everyone in the Apple store is so happy and helpful with everything. It’s such a relief to be able to drop in and speak face to face with a human who has a true understanding of your machine! And the kicker—it’s free!! I just got a whole scan and new keyboard with all of these cool features in an hour for nothing!! It just keeps getting better!!
     2.Widgets!! Instant access to my dictionary, events, my cute dancing hula girl, calculator, and numerous fun gadgets!!
     3. Corner sensors!! I love that I can move my cursor to a corner and instantly get a scope of all of the projects I am working on, switch pages effortlessly, and access my widgets without fear of accidentally closing something or having to constantly minimize to switch around. Beautifulness!
     4. Everything has a curve to it…the keys, the icons, the body of the laptop… sounds so sultry…but I love how soft and aesthetically pleasing the entire system is! Sigh.
     5. No confusing hidden files backed up in some strange folder that you have to send a search team to find.     

     6. Itunes and my genius!! (though it takes some of the art out of making a mix-cd)
     7. Everything can function on drag and drop! So smooooooth…  

     8. Built in camera and photobooth!! Yay pictures of me and me and me and me...and sitting on my ichat watching Lost while talking to Cristyn--- or introducing our pets to each other through it!
     9. Magnetic power cord!! No more breaking a piece of from the constant ‘in-out’—and if you were to trip over the wire (which I have done) you will not send your laptop flying with you!
     10. Mactips! Apple makes life so easy that you almost feel wrong. It’s as if my computer has become more than just a tool….freaky yes…but I love this thing!!!  

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  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Adorable, but calculator, when do you use a calculator missy?



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