Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doing Swell On the Island of Staten...

Snug Harbor playhouse

The older or maybe it's just wiser I get, the more I realize how much there is to learn and explore in my own home. Staten Island's complexity never ceases to amaze me. It is the biggest little town one can imagine. Perhaps it's a certain spiritual energy here, or the fact that we are an island, but with more than half a million people here, somehow were are connected. Normally we hear of six degrees of separation, but on Staten Island it is two degrees. Yet, I love these little connections and realizations and worlds to discover in a place I have lived all of my life. I love to watch this place change (even when I don't agree with those changes) and find the hidden worlds coinciding on this little oft-looked over universe.
 A glimpse inside the magic here!

Yesterday I attended a Holistic/Wellness Fair  at our historical cultural center Snug Harbor and was amazed to see the depths of the Spiritual and Holistic community here. I always knew things existed to a certain degree, but I am quickly uncovering the hidden magic that lives here. My good friends Jay and JP had tables selling handmade goods, incense, and JP's amazing Ayurvedic muffins and squares. I got a Sesame Ginger square that I saved to eat by myself later and wow!! His work always impresses me. It was great to see them both essentially teaching others about Vedic Astrology , Ayurveda , healthy/wholesome living and the practical applications of the above.

I loved watching Jay and JP in their element! It was hard to capture them without them noticing!

I find myself more and more compelled to add to this community in my way and brought them some of my "Honey-Peanut Butter Granola Balls" (need a better name) to which they and others loved. It meant so much to give and contribute in the tiniest way and to see interest in healthier ways of living. I know I am more inspired than ever before.
JP pretty much sold EVERYTHING!! So awesome!! 

To make the day better, Cyndy and Cub came and I got to introduce them to another great mommy Unique and her little girl Violet Rain...I had been hoping to get some mommy dates together with two great friends! Cub, as always was my little muse and I came home with so many photos that I know will bring tears to Cyndy's eyes for years to come. To me, that is the beauty of photography, when I can quietly capture moments for people when they are in the midst of living them.
She reminded me of a colorful Alice in Wonderland here. When I told her and explained why, she told me I reminded her of Ariel because the colors of my dress were like a mermaid. I love the minds of children, especially this one!

     After the fair, Jay, JP and I stayed in the woods and basked in the 80+ weather and the breeze from the trees. Even though I missed the Light Saber battle in Washington Square park, there is nothing better than letting a day unfold with great friends. I needed the sensation of leaves and grass under my bare feet, the chirps of birds and the sway of trees. We stayed until almost dark and then went to eat some Thai food. On days like this, it doesn't matter that at 27 I am not out at parties and running the streets of NYC, these past few days have continued to validate how special my friendships are and the personalities that are both independent and interdependent. I am happiest amidst the trees, making leaf-kebabs and sharing minds with people who despite time and or distance, remain constants.

To making a beautiful home wherever time may take you!


  1. Yes, as soon as I saw that photo of her, I cried big tears. You definitely capture something that has never been captured before. You photograph her essence. It is truly amazing. I think it is just your connection with her and your ability to really see into the very heart of a person. You are amazing. I will never be able to tell you that enough. So beyond your years. You know how to spend your time--doing things that have meaning and that feed your soul. There is no better way to spend time than that. This is something that took me a long time to figure out. You are already there. Bless you, Girl. xoxo

  2. Totally awesome! I would love to discover the hidden beauty of Staten Island. My only time spent on SI is just breezing through to leave New York. Can you make me up a map of "must see" places or even volunteer your time as a tour guidE?

  3. Just to add, yesterday was so inspiring, so beautiful. What a wonderful gathering; positive and hopeful. I love our "hidden city", our island of marvelous contradictions!

  4. staten island is like grandmothers attic...a lot of stuff, but if you look hard enough you'll find quite a few treasures.

  5. Thank you Jenn and Cindy for coming! (and thanks for taking the awesome candid picks! Even though I look like I'm going to eat the person I'm talking to.)



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