Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Book of Jen[n]

How neat is this!! 
This completely fascinates me, because I am of this age group and as another Jennifer, I understand the curious nature of being born with this name in the 80's. I was always lumped together with the other 3 or so Jennifers in my classes at school and as a kid felt so ordinary with this name. At times one would have to work extra hard to be 'the' Jennifer, or find other ways to stand out as something beyond a trite name. Over time I loved my name because it is deceptive to my appearance, and caters to all different situations. Jennifer for serious liaisons (said with stuffy staccato), Jenn (for fun and social occasions-- two n's for symmetry and minor uniqueness), and Jenny to only the closest of the close...because I am actually irritated by Jenny. Versatility!!

Is this the most random post ever?? Not as much as: "according to Alton Brown, stuffing is evil."

On another random train of thought: I find it so endearing that my landlord's catch phrase for sure is "fair enough"...hmmm...

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  1. Anonymous3:54 AM

    What number Jen were you Jen[n] I never had another Jason in my class, I don't actually know another one. I know people that know other Jasons but I was Jay when I was younger anyway. I hate jay now unless it is said by people I've been know as Jay to previously. So, I know how you feel.



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