Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Cropping...

I always mean to scrapbook, but rarely do....I always mean to post about them...but rarely (if ever?) do...and what is funny is that the whole reason I blog is related to my love of scrapbooking...of documenting life and beauty and focusing on poignant moments... so here are two layouts I finally did and feel are kind of finished. I miss this hobby so so much and hope to keep up with some of my thoughts and experiences in a more artistic manner once I get my studio organized...or at least in workable condition!!
I definitely heard Trent Reznor singing in the back of my head as I titled this page...but really this is about manifesting the things you want out of this life. I realized through many 'signs' recently, that it is extremely important to have a clear vision of what you hope for and let it out to the universe in some shape of form. I started to concoct lists that are more focused and tucked them behind the photo with a paper clip so that I could re-read them and add more wishes. One mini-goal is to actually photograph my layouts and mini-albums to put out there and not fear baring myself.
This page, ironically, also has a title derived from music in some way. One of my favorite bands, Camera Obscura has an album entitled "Let's Get out of the Country"--and such is the message behind this page. I took the photo with my gorgeous vintage globe and wrote about places I've been, how I feel about travel, and (tucked behind the photo with the woodgrain flap) is a list of places I want to go!!

To manifesting our dreams!

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  1. The pages look great! I have not scrapbooked in ages (probably about 2 years) and I miss it! I really want to start back when I get my art room finished.



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