Sunday, April 19, 2009


-made some hard decisions
-made a budget
-got all my bills in order
- hung out with Morgan and the next day went to a Sedar at the Hasner household 
-got an amazing Egyptian vase from my lovely Vivie Hasner
-spent an evening crafting, gifting, and game playing with my darling Cyndy and cub
-took apart a futon and put it back together
-painted random items
-finished one piece of art and started many others
- watched the entire season of Big Love
-spent an evening of sharing with my amazing support network: Dad, Iva, and chinese food
-spent countless minutes sitting on my porch listening to the wind chimes
-hung out with my brother brother and practiced juggling with Jay-- who fed us lasagna made by JP's mom!!
-got Cristyn and gang from the airport at 7am...then watched LOST!
-sat around giggling with my mom and sister
-walked my other brother's dogs four times while he was in Virginia with the family
-got my chart read and meditated a bit
-sat in the woods with Jay talking life
-went up to the vortex--purged negativity, collected bamboo, watched bugs, found twigs that grew in spirals, and brought home a gorgeous stick
-cuddled a lot with Jasper
-cleaned my kitchen...and then made more mess
-cooked a legitimate breakfasts count?
-saw Jay's awesome home, which gave me an excuse to take pics of the neighborhood
-found many cosmic connections
-listened to A LOT of music
-slowly making my apartment MY home
- finished another Sookie Stackhouse book
-made a new scrapbook page
-played loads of show and tell
-did laundry!
-moved a lot of piles of junk into different piles
-spent a gorgeous day walking the city with Patti and Pam
-had a super long but relatively enjoyable meeting at my Saturday job! (and of course it's great because I work with Patti!)
-got a lot of great treasures from friends!
-had a fun, giggly, and productive Key Club meeting at Panera for about three hours!!
-got a Summer job
-started to adjust....

To a refreshed vision, a true break, and to surviving May!! xoxo


  1. For some reason when I came to the end of your post...Well, I find myself in tears. Not even sure why, exactly. Yes, there are the obvious reasons. Going back is always hard...But this has been a break of real inner change...and I don't know what that all means right now. Yes, to surviving May. At least we have each other!!
    Love you, dear girl-

  2. sounds like you had a very productive spring break.

  3. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Hey, you've got the whole world, in your ... well next to your face mostly. Productive much.



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