Friday, April 17, 2009

KARMIC GOODIES: Valentina Ramos

First found the above print at Indie Fixx in their amazing Feed Your Soul project page and decided to check out more of her work....and my oh my she not only has so many amazing pieces, but what struck me the  most was all of the positive sentiments that seem to fit perfectly with thought patterns, signs, and conversations I have had recently. Yesterday Jay said something that fit the above so perfectly...and he said, "write it down"-- all of your dreams and hopes for the future can be yours-- so write them! (And believe me I just may!)
For more Valentina Ramos, visit her blog or her art site: Valentina Design!

1 comment:

  1. This artist is wonderful. Thank you so much for passing on the possitivity. The freak-out about returning to work is starting to set in. It went so, so, fast. Didn't it? I've just begun to tackle all of my housework/house projects that I wanted to complete. Sigh....You sound like you are doing amazing. Love you!!!!



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