Friday, April 17, 2009

The Gifts of LUCKY...

Lately I have been basking in the unknown. In a mercurial quest for balance I make sure to take time to appreciate all of the treasure I come friends! If it weren't for my extended support network I would be a sad little hermit. This past week Cyndy and I finally got to do a true Christmas exchange (yes, in April, and yes despite the fact that we see each other all of the time...we got to actually spend time together and give each other some treasures...) This is a little glimpse of some of the lovelies she gave me:
This here is handmade vanilla sugars that she so cutely packaged!! YUM!
And just because she loves me, my Patti gave me this adorable robot cup...
And a fun day including shadow kisses...
And to Jay , who left this little gift on my door last week and did a free chart reading for me:
And my amazing Cristyn, who gave me this necklace and bracelet (from San Francisco via Tibet)
No matter how down I get as change and allergies deplete me of energy, I look at the treasures surrounding me in life and I am thankful beyond belief!! 


  1. I really like the robot cup! Very sweet gift!

  2. Anonymous3:57 AM

    The shadow kisses are cute.



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