Sunday, April 05, 2009

In transition...

quality courtesy of photobooth!

Dear Spring,
Why must you be so deceptively beautiful? You fool me with your sunny glow and make it hard for me to breathe. You give me bags under my eyes and make me want to buy stock in any old tissue company. You remind me that so many things I love are killing me bit by bit...and I let them because I love the comfort of your air, your ability to make me daydream in a productive way. You help me deal with a time in my life that I am yet again rediscovering life on my own...well not entirely...but a new phase...
Dear Friends,
I am in a transitional phase as I have returned to singlehood and am struck with making my home a sanctuary again. I have so much desire to create, but right now my biggest project is readjusting my home and my soul, and sadly my camera hasn't felt like joining the part just yet. Plenty happening on this isle of mine, lots in planning, lots of reading, lots of cleaning, lots of sneezing and wheezing, and lots of renewed self awareness. Plus, what would life be without amazing music? Going to see Mates of State tonight (at my favorite venue, yay!!!) and listening to loads of Electric President, MGMT, Vampire Weekend and various other happy tunes. 
What has been on your Spring playlist? 
"Everything's gonna get lighter, even if it doesn't get better." -Mates of State


  1. Cub just said that your photo looks like someone else!!! Hee, hee...What does she know! Good to see you back in action(of sorts). Don't forget who loves ya! As for playlists...It's too random....But Electric Feel is one of Cub's, Daddy's, and my favorites. Such a great song. I love MGMT! Twenty years younger...I'd be hunting them down in Brooklyn.

  2. Good luck with everything! I am sneezing as I'm typing this...too bad for allergies! I wish you the best and can't wait to see more finished RVA projects - love the ones you've done so far!

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    My spring Playlist has consisted of MC Lars and various EPs by other artists, short and sweet.



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