Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Work in Progress...

Lately a lot has been changing...I have had some tough decisions and transitions, but I trust in the rhythm of the earth... I am creating a lot and a buzz with ideas and new movements...

This is my art wall in progress:
And my mantle:

Little things like the above make me so happy to be see beauty in the everyday...
Recently I have meditated with Jay, got my chart read, got spiritual blessings and cleansing from Unique and Rebecca, got some healing energy from Morgan and the amazing Vivie and Steve, saw an awesome show with Dina, crafted and ate with Cyndy and Cub, laughed with my niece and nephew, and started planning a much larger future...I hope I am ready! Recently I have had conversations about how there 
are infinite things in the world to feel sad about, but there are also infinite things to feel good about, it 
really is a choice...and not always an easy one. So thank you to all who inspire me, accept me, and make life more meaningful!! xoxo

This is a sneeky peeky at a future project:

There is so much more in store my friends!

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  1. So happy to see this today! How wonderful to see it all in perspective. That list of what you have been up to is really a testiment to the goodness and blessings surrounding you. I had such a nice time last night. Thanks so much for being part of our lives! We love you, Jenn!!!



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