Sunday, May 31, 2009


This past week has been a clumsy one for me...blame it on Mercury in retrograde or on living in a partial fog, but my foibles led me to wipe-out and (gasp) thus breaking my camera. Luckily no parts of me were broken, but a sliver of my heart cried a bit inside.  Just as I was really becoming much more motivated in my photography....CRASH! Well, just because I was without camera doesn't mean there isn't plenty of beauty to be shared!! So, I decided to buy my same camera again for a good price (please pray it comes in good shape!) and will then continue my photographic voyage. In the mean time I have seen a great film, a moving photography exhibit, eaten some awesome food,  made an up-cycled journal with Jay , and started The Scribble Project ! Going to share more soon!! Loving life even despite a literal pain in the behind and general body and soul aches.


  1. I am hoping your camera comes in safe and sound for you...and quickly too I might add.

  2. Shocked you didn't hurt your self. At least your alright, the "$5 Deals" store has disposables for 3 bux ... SOOO worth it they've gotten me to buy at least 10, I miss not knowing if you took a bad pic till you've purchased it, it feels more natural.

  3. Aw Angela thank you!! I miss it so much!

    Jason, I hurt alright, but not stay out of work kind. And, I take way too many pictures to buy disposables!!

  4. Come on $3 I'll get you 10 for your birthday!



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