Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Glimpse into my world...

A free-hand paper cut I did and then made a card from for a special friend to give to his 'teacher', whose influence transcends one physical body and affects others in ways I can't begin to describe. 
One of the themes of late is paying it forward. Whatever the 'it' may be, I find the desire to  give on an even deeper level...and to receive in a way that makes me conscious of the source and why it is important to keep the motivation going.  Yesterday Jay and I did a complete overhaul of my apartment that was the greatest new beginnings birthday I could ask for. Friendship, conversation, basking in the outdoors, and working together to make a better tomorrow for me. Everything is about manifesting positivity and I am so thankful for the results I've been receiving. When you put things out in the universe, they often find their way to you. From reconnecting with amazing friends and seeing how they have become themselves, to reconnecting with the source of my inspiration to teach and realizing that the path always leads to the present moment. There are so many amazing possibilities brewing and I am riding this stream of consciousness to its peak and then up even further. 

Morning Jenn the "all-seeing" predicts a Summer of beauty, growth, and developing potential.

Current mantras: 
Treat everyone as your teacher
The path always leads to the present moment
The universe will manifest what you need in ways you can't foresee

I hang out up there quite a lot!! 

So many uncanny experiences and realizations lately, and who wouldn't love living right near here?


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    OMG you take pictures of your corner signs too! I thought I was the only one. I have like a-ba-gillion of "Elverton AVE" and "Gurly AVE" however I never take them at my other cross section,do you unknowingly do that as well? Only take them at a certain cross section?

  2. I take the picture at whatever angle seems to work so that I can get the right words in the shot. I love living in Sunnsyside and walking past that sign makes me smile!

  3. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Yeah ... mine just points out my lack of manliness.



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