Sunday, May 17, 2009


I try to give myself small goals/hopes that linger in the back of my mind. Sometimes, when I don't verbalize but make silent wishes, I find they come true. These may seem small to others, but they are little moments of sunshine for me. This week, I got one of those little wishes-- to have 30 followers on my blog-- and this week I amazingly am up to 32. Whatever it is I am doing right or others are finding, I appreciate all of you reading-- I hope I make it worth it! xoxo 

So, to celebrate and share my appreciation, I am doing my first printable freebie!! Now, I am new to all of this and APPRECIATE FEEDBACK!! I created two cards featuring the photos on this page with some of my personal mantras-- one from the past year, and one that is ever present but even more significant now. These two cards were directly inspired by fletter at flickr (see last post) and feature lyrics from Mason Jennings ("Be here now") and Portishead ("i will weather the storm") 

The first song is one of my favorites by Jennings and has been with me through many changes.  For me the meaning behind this song is to be in the present always and are some of the poignant lyrics to enjoy until you rush to listen to this highly addictive and inspiring song:

Be Here Now
no other place to be
or just sit there dreaming of how life could be
if we were somewhere better
or somewhere far 
away from all our worries
well here we ARE---

Be Here Now
no other place to be
all the doubts that linger
just set them free
and let good things happen
and the let the future come
into each moment
like a rising sun

The sun comes up and we start again!

--->(I have seen him sing this live in a small venue where I could be nice and close---and wow, heart stopping, tear-jerking beauty!!)

The second picture features a line from the song "Deep Water" by one of my all-time favorite bands Portishead. Last year was a hard one (like most are I guess) and during some moments when I felt like I was starting to drown, this song helped pull me to shore. There were days I listened to it over and over again in order to deeply retain its message. Here are the lyrics:

I'm drifting in deep water
alone with myself
doubting again
try not to struggle 
this time
for i will weather the storm

got to remember
don't fight it
even if i 
don't like it
somehow turn me around

no matter how
far i drift
deep waters
won't scare me tonight

--->(this song also features a ukelele...which I heart)

 I hope all of you find some inspiration and motivation here. I know I fill myself with as much as possible to keep me focused, present, appreciative, and smiling--even if it's through clenched teeth some times!! 

 Here are the links to the cards: (this is my first time, so if there are any problems/comments, please please let me know!!)


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  1. Yes, you are AMAZING! Glad to see others are catching on! Hee, Hee!
    What meaningful and beautiful cards. Thank you!!! I am so sad my printer is not working right now. But I know I'll find a way to make these mine! xoxox



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