Friday, May 15, 2009

"Let's Find Some Beautiful Place...."

I am smitten by this photo and the song it comes from. Listening to Elliott Smith is so bittersweet to me (Cyndy, I know you will agree!!), which is much like the month of May. Summer is approaching-- the weather teases us and makes us want to go on adventures--skip work, skip stones, skip through the grass and forget about what's left to do. Lately I have felt so overwhelmed with my spiraling 'to-do' list and the   growing piles of stuff around my apartment-- but on days when the sun is out and the air is clear, I only want to sit outside and bask in the possibilities that sitting still and breathing can bring. Even last night, while driving home from my dearest Cristyn's house, I was lucky that the road inside Silver Lake park was open and the night was clear--- (Islanders, you should know this, everyone else, imagine a twisting road perhaps a mile long that breaks through a local park with little streetlight and plenty of peaceful fodder for the imagination)--I drove through and was transported back to all of the moments I have spent in the park, dancing in the moonlight, watching the comet in 1997, sitting on the bridge and making wishes with the ripples of the pond---finding ways to get lost in the everyday. 
To finding ways to get lost in beauty anywhere you are! And, YAY FRIDAY!


  1. I love it! Such lovely thought getting lost in a beautiful place with the one you love.

  2. Great photo! I want to go there for the weekend :)

  3. I can just get lost in this photo. And yes, I love that drive through the park at night; a hidden oasis...and the bittersweet melodies of that angel voice can really get you dreaming. xoxo

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Good girl, rep the island well.

  5. I remember taking pictures on the bridge with Danny and Vinny. We were so free. Nowhere to run to, nothing pressing- just had each new day looking to be filled with whatever we wanted. If we only knew what we had then. But, if we knew the precious gift we had then, would we have been so free?



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