Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I find new artists to love all of the time thanks to the internet and all of the wonderful sources of inspiration out there-- to add to that, I am an internet junky who floats from site to site to site clamoring over the beauty out there to be sought. In one of my recent link clicking escapades I not only found a new artist who aesthetically wows me, but I found a concept that not only spreads positive messages, but also tries to develop a community of active thinkers. Check out: RIGHT BRAIN TERRAIN run by Frederic Terral to read more and check out some of the amazing work! I love the graphic style and simplicity of some of his work and find it hard to choose one favorite!

As a fellow right-brainer, I find it important to support the arts, community, proactive behavior, and all around goodness!! Bravo Mr. Terral!

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  1. I love this! What an amazing artist. Thanks for always passing on the beauty! It feels so refreshing to see something new and lovely. xoxo



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