Monday, May 11, 2009


There is a contest over at The Bright Side Project and in order to win a print by Treat Zone you need to answer a question in the comments section.  I was mostly inspired by the question posed on the Treat Zone site: What (or who) inspires your devotion?

Image by James Roper (who has some amazing work!)

Here is the response I entered (though I should have made some edits! oops!): 

The feeling of connectedness to the universe and all people inspires my devotion. I think of the world as a collective of energies and souls, and everyday I tap into that source, call it God, call it consciousness, call it devotion to living a sincere path and spreading goodness. Every time I feel goodness being spread, I know my devotion to that is worth it!

Whether you participate over at BSP or not, this is something wonderful to ponder....I would love to hear what inspires YOUR devotion! xoxo

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  1. Something great to pause and think about...The simple, sweet, small signs of being alive in the world inspire my devotion. There are reminders everywhere of the greatness of the source!



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