Saturday, May 09, 2009


Preamble: Wow wow, I was actually featured on KIND OVER MATTER with a thank you about my last post!!
For some reason, that I am sure many of you bloggers understand, I was elated to see my banner up there and realized that was what spreading kindness is all about, giving and receiving thanks...and passing it on!

So, while perusing through my new favorite blog, I clicked the link and found another inspiring collective project: GUERILLA POETICS PROJECT  . In short, GPP is about redefining marketing and spreading poetry in sweetly subversive ways!! I love how they describe the concept here! The designs are also intriguing-- I love the mixture of DIY craft, art card, and poetry!!

I found this one so powerful! By Charles P. Ries 

To everyone out there spreading positive energy, love, art, and all around goodness and inspiration: YOU ROCK!! (and you are APPRECIATED!)

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  1. Yes, I must say I was pretty proud of you, my dear girl! Good job, spreading the love. Instant Karma!
    Big kisses and hugs to you!



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