Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I have to start by giving love to one of my favorite creative sites to visit: One Pretty Thing . Their daily round-ups not only give me loads of inspiration, but also introduce me to so many other amazing gems on the internet! So, my latest obsession is: KIND OVER MATTER . I cannot gush enough over this creative tour-de force and their beautiful messages!! Through a link on One Pretty Thing, I discovered printable cards that said "kind over matter" and immediately I was intrigued on this mindful play on words. When I reached the blog I was swept away!

photo and concept by: prettyfnmess!!!

The concept is based around acts of kindness in artistic or expressive ways. It combines the world of Keri Smith with the movement of craft. This site is artful, mindful, smart, and savvy. Might I add that their downloads are beyond wow. I can't wait to make some of these to give to friends or hide places!

photo from Amanda Oaks one of the beauties behind the site!
I especially can't wait to tuck some of these  places for people to magically come upon...perhaps hand them from a tree...

made by prettyfnmess and taken from the Kind Over Matter flickr group ! (It's awesome! Check it out!)
Visit their blog for inspiration--creative, spiritual, or emotional! Oh, and spread kindness, it can be infectious in a positive way!


  1. That is really a great idea. People need to be more kind and positive.

  2. Yes!! Positive begets positive...if only more people could get it! : )

  3. Anonymous2:21 AM

    And ... they need to buy tastier cereal.

  4. Question- the first link actually goes to You do mean Kindovermatter.blogspot right? :)

  5. Chedder fish you are absolutely right!! I flubbed when typing!! haha! ALL FIXED!! it is KIND OVER MATTER!! haha thank you!!



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