Sunday, June 21, 2009

11 Days in the Life of Jenn: Self-Portrait Diary

12/365: Child Heart
Tuesday June 9th: Despite all of the rain and exhaustion, I had a beautiful day playing pretend with my 3 yr. old nephew. We rowed imaginary boats to Coney Island and the circus, and then fought aliens in pretend spaceships. At one point he looked me in the eye and said, "You know, I like you." Cutie pie.

13/365: Vitamins of the Mind
Wednesday June 10th: After reading about my low blood-pressure fainting spells I became paranoid about losing brain cells for good, so I have been on a mission to consciously feed my brain as much as possible! What would I be without loads of crossword puzzles? Yum!

14/365: Brighten Up Already
Thursday June 11th: I am not going to complain about this bizarro June weather we've been having because it is usually dreadful in New York during the summer...but all I need is a little bit of sun!!! It seems like non-stop rain around here lately...which means less sitting on the porch for me!

15/365: Today is Friday, 
It is the Last Teaching Day, 
I'm Happy for the Sun
Friday June 12th: My title is a haiku because I got my wish for sun and I am feeling pretty poetic!! The year is closing and later tonight I will go for a nice walk, watch movies, eat amazing food, and crochet my little heart out!! Though I will somehow find that my crochet needles astral travelled somewhere and have not yet resurfaced! 

16/365: Lefty's Bane or Silly Scribbler
Saturday June 13th: What a day!! After tons of scribbling, feeding of the craft-habit, and signing yearbooks, the reality of a lefty surfaces!! 
Cyndy's justifying of our craft-spending by saying, "Well, some people have cocaine addictions."
The stream of students running up to having me sign their yearbooks, non-stop for a full hour. I nearly cried...this crop of kids will be missed dearly!

17/365: Showing Support
Sunday June 14th: Today was the last day of the awesome local event "Art by the Ferry" so Cristyn and I strolled around, saw some art, I got to socialize and see so many people I adore and don't see often enough, and watch "Captain Ahab and the Sea Crackens" play outside of a "Karl's Klipper". One of those days I love being an islander and love being out looking at life through rosy lenses! Later in the evening we stopped at "The Cup" so I could show some love to some of my students whose bands were playing there. When I entered the place I was floored with the excited greetings I received and was reminded of how often being a teacher is akin to a celebrity at moments. Luckily this press seems to like me!

18/365: "I want to ride my bicycle"
Monday June 15th: Today I bought my darling bicycle!! It is the first one I have owned as an adult and it is gorgeous! Jay came with me to meet Ed, who has local listings of so many cool vintage bikes via craigslist. I had been dreaming about this exact type of bike for so long, and my wishes manifested themselves in the form of a 70's era Sears Spaceliner in a super-awesome blue! (Pictures to come!!) We had a bit of an adventure getting the bike home since it didn't fit in my car as I assumed it would. Luckily Jay masterminded a rigging to tie my bike to the roof of my car and I was joyfully able to bring my new baby home in one piece!! Now, all I need is a day without rain to ride!!!

19/365: Unmistaken Moments
Tuesday June 17th, 2009: One of my favorite aspects of riding the ferry is sitting outside and being windswept and captivated by the beauty of the harbor. What made this day even more special is that Jay and I went to see "Unmistaken Child" at the Film Forum-- which will have to get its own post one day. It was the last showing so we made sure to reserve tickets and each lived that day in anticipation of a sure to be fulfilling movie. In short, we left in inspired silence and I certainly cried many a beautiful tear.

20/365: Moment of Bittersweet
Wednesday June 18th, 2009: Today was my brother Ben's graduation from middle-school at a local Yeshiva. Soon he will be going to live in Baltimore to attend high school and I am swept with so many varying degrees of emotions and apprehensions. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and deeply wish I can be closer to him...yet there is an unmistakable bond that we have always had. Once the ceremony was over he ran right up to me and gave me a huge hug and I was transported back to the moment he took his very first steps in order to give me an equally beautiful hug when he was a toddler. It is still raining here.

21/365: On the road...
Thursday June 19th, 2009: Tired. Driving my brother home. It is still raining and dreary. Life is changing all around me. I fell in love with fabric tangkas.

22/365: Sunshine and IPhone
Friday June 19th, 2009: Finally some sun!! Granted we have had moments of rain throughout the day, I will take a second of sun with beaming appreciation!! Today I have joined the ranks of the technologically elite and received my first iphone. When I went into the Apple Store I was greeted with hugs from my friend Andrea and awesome, there is so much love in that store!! In the back of my mind "The Jeffersons" theme song has been rotating and naturally, I am happy!!!

23/365: First IPhone Self-Portrait
Saturday June 20, 2009: Okay, so we are on yet another day of miserable rain which makes me so groggy and spacey...but there is my darling iphone to consume a lot of my attention. I love the snapfilter application because I get to edit photos on the phone!! If anyone has any pointers, send them this way!!

Now, it is Sunday, one of my first days spending a considerable amount of time at home all week. The annoying cat is sleeping at my side, I am trying to regain focus but find it hard with yet another day of gray skies. Much love to all! Thank you for dealing with my self-reflection project!!


  1. Donna Rubin6:45 PM

    You ROCK!!!

  2. deshilholles1:00 AM

    Funny thing about visual art (in this case photography). How a thing actually is in reality becomes infinitely alterable by technology-enabled choices.

    There’s a similar-subject pic for each day, but each one seems to have a deliberately different hue, composition, saturation, purity, brightness, chroma, etc. That must be deliberate.

    What would be a taxonomy of the sum total of the possibilities for doing something? I always think that until I know all the possibilities and what they can do, I haven’t really even started. It would be like trying to write while still not knowing a lot of words.

    Gotta finish some online work so I can hang with family out of town next week; basta per stasera.



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