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Photo-project: UPDATE
One of the only things in my creative life I have quasi-kept up with is the 365 project. When I give myself the time, this project makes me look at myself in so many different ways, but even greater is that it has me delve into the life I lead and how to mark the day in some symbolic way through a single photograph of myself. I chose this for less than narcissistic reasons. I thought it was a good idea to give myself boundaries so that I wouldn't become overwhelmed or think too deeply into taking photos so that I could really learn. Yet, this project has made my mind whirl around so many ideas and realizations. The project makes me look at time differently, shows me patterns about myself and daily life, gives me markers to document life, and forces me to become more disciplined by giving myself a project merely for the sake of devoting time to creativity and expression with the same vigor and intention that most people devote to exercising their bodies. I am gathering so much inspiration and in a way, I can't wait to burst with a lot of it!
It has been such a long time since my last post that I am almost embarrassed, but mostly sad. There has been a lot going on inside of my busy noggin and I was so nervous because this is my "200th Post" (supposedly) and really, I wanted to celebrate in some way. However, the way my mind works, I pondered this concept for a long time and well, generally avoided blogging until my perfect posts were ready....which is really just silly. Who makes up arbitrary days and moments to celebrate and puts so much into them that one doesn't even enjoy the event? We should celebrate every day and not put pressure on oneself to make one day such a big deal (like me)...I was always the biggest fan of the Mad Hatter's employment of the "un-birthday" and enjoy sharing on this blog so much, that I need to stop putting pressure on myself to conform in some way or force myself to be anything but imperfect me. SOOO...hopefully some of my inter-pals are still reading and will stick around for some of my big big plans:
Here is a peak at the future of karma button:

--Celebrating Sustainable Living (Including my own contributions to trying to lead an ultimately more independent life.)
--Upcycling Workshops: I will be adding my own pieces, tutorials from all around the web that I have gathered, and hopefully tidbits I refine for workshops I will be doing in August. Lots and lots to share here!!
--Other Blog Categories: I want to make some appearance changes and work on organizing here. My Menu will show what I focus on here, like my love of art and music and generally sharing awesome stuff I find, so there will be a category purely for Inspiring others and sharing  finds, one category devoted to Upcycling <3>
I know this post is long and seriously I hope to reward all of you who have read this far. I am finding it more and more important to DO, and ACT, and SPEAK rather than keeping things in--for whatever reason we find ourselves being "Self-sabotagers". Thank you all for coming along the ride so far. To even reach or connect with one person in any capacity whatsoever is really one of the greatest feelings. I want this blog to be my little platform and I hope to be doing some of the things I love the most-- like giving things away. Sending some of you treasures, sending love, support, and inspiration to others, and always remembering my own imaginary karma-button.

53/365: Trying to Protect from Pain


  1. deshilholles11:49 AM

    Friday through Monday are my heaviest social-calendar and worktimes, so here I am seeing this last-weekend update on Tuesday. Done with work for the day already, so a fast few comments before I'm off to read...

    Take as long as you need to, to do something you're happy with. Yes, time for everyone is finitely 168 hours a week, and of course there are only so many years during which to get to things done in. With those caveats or avisos, keep a little mental timer going for what to get to and ideally by when.

    I did a daily blogthing for close to a couple of years, earlier this decade. (I was in the same field as the guy who coined the term blog, though he was a weird guy and not easy to get along with no matter what.) Didn't quite finish year two of the daily blogthing because by then I needed more time for workstuff, and never got back and finished the second year. I used daily blog entries to see what I could do about/with each day, day by day, in terms of writing and approach and content.

    That kind of idea goes back before blogs, or the interwebs generally. An interesting example is the Kay Boyle-edited _365 Days_ from the 1930s, in which she solicited various writers and journalists each to take a day from the year 1934 and write less than a page somehow linked to that date -- writers who were mostly France-linked back in the expat period, from Robert McAlmon and Nancy Cunard to a young Raymond Queneau. It took me awhile to find a used copy of the book, but they're out there.

    Queneau is interesting here, because in the 1950s he and those connected to him invented the Oulipo movement focused on constrained writing, i.e., writing according to rules/structures/constraints -- as for example doing an item a day for a year... The most prominent American oulipian, Harry Mathews, wrote _20 Lines a Day_, whose title describes the selected constraint.

    Gotta go...



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