Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Coming from a mixture of ethnic backgrounds, it is a rare occasion that someone tells me they saw a look alike of mine. I get a lot of vague similarities, but this is definitely the second time I have been piqued by a supposed doppleganger!
This portrait actually freaks me out a bit, mostly because my brother randomly spotted it while on a roadtrip with friends. They were staying at one of the guy's uncle's place in Arizona. Supposedly the house is full of regional artwork and while scoping out the collection my brother came upon this painting of a Native American girl and immediately grabbed his friends to say, 'this is my sister!' When I finally saw the image I was shocked because it really scarily does look like me. Down to the facial expression, eyebrows, nose.... Bizarre.

I started to wonder about alternate lives, double selves, past lives, and all sorts of esoteric possibilities. I wondered who this girl was/is, if she was just a figment of an artist's imagination that ended up being a projection of me, or if she was someone significant. The uncle wasn't around for my brother to inquire, so I am left with mystery and another reason to smirk at life.

For those who know what I look like, what do you think???


  1. All I have to say is wow.

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  3. At least you have a Halloween costume now.

  4. OMG! This brought tears to my eyes when I saw it. It really looks so much like you. So beautiful. This captures your soul...We'll talk more about this later. Sigh...

  5. deshilholles7:40 PM

    Been staying with friends for a couple of weeks, and to keep up with online work have had to ration other online stuff. Back on the Island now, though.

    We human beings share so much genetic structure, and there are so many of us, that really the weird thing would be if there was never anyone that looked quite a bit like us. I'm not sure I have anything more swedenborgian than that to offer!

    My momentary dip into this issue was back in the early post-Reservoir-Dogs era (early 90s), soon after I started teaching, a student out of nowhere decided he needed to comment in class that I looked like Tarantino, who is around my age. Others in the course agreed. But then again the ones who did were in the film school, and all director-obsessed. I kind of saw what they were saying, but to the extent that Quentie looks a bit demonic, I was not sure how to felt about the association. But obviously they thought it was positive, so um ok.

    I heard a comedy bit lately along the lines that one of the worst faux-pas you can make is to tell someone they look like a famous person, because the odds are good they'll be annoyed, whether they say anything or not!



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