Monday, August 31, 2009


My most amazing friend Cristyn got me an early birthday present: tickets to see Explosions in the Sky with The Flaming Lips at Penn's Landing Festival Pier in Philly. So this Saturday we took what started as a nice drive into the area, and as we are literally approaching the inner city, a huge storm (monsoon!) hits...we saw it lingering over us, creepily lurking until BOOM! Luckily it passed quickly and brightened up nicely for the show. 
I have been over to Penn's Landing a bunch of times before, but this was my first time at Festival Pier for show. The full concert area is much smaller than what I am used to, but it was intimate and nicely set up. It never got too crowded and there was enough around to occupy the wanderers in between sets. 
There were bleachers set up, a few tarped areas with seats, and a huge blow-up hall that was HUGE and had tables, pop-up bars and a huge screen to view the stage from water-damaged cameras. Later we would all be super thankful for this dome!
Waiting for Explosions to start!!!

What's funny is that even though The Flaming Lips were the headliner, I was much more excited about Explosions in the Sky since I have seen the The F-Lips before. I didn't get any decent pictures (and iphoto has been eating some of them lately), but in short the show was painstakingly beautiful and epic. I  almost cringed over how good they were!! What a tight band! I must say I was all flushed and could only mutter "holy sh*t" when they were finished. I cannot rave about this band enough!!! 
Here is a taste of one song from the show:

"First Breath After Coma"
And check out the bassist here!! WOW!
The Flaming Lips came on with the same charisma as is expected of Wayne Coyne and his regalia. The opening sequence/ introduction to their show involved all of the members walking out of a psychedelic birth canal...which was kind of funny in an eye-brow raising, curious about the amount of young children in the audience kind of way.
The Flaming Lips know how to put on a stellar show experience:

At the beginning of the set, Wayne Coyne told the audience that another storm was approaching--but they would play for as long as they possibly could. There were intermittent updates, but the band let us know they were in it if we were!! And they played-- solid, tight-- I firmly believe they had to up their game since Explosions opened for them...and then, the magic of the weather forecasters in Philly hit precisely as was predicted. The band kept playing as people were running for shelter. I luckily had a poncho, but became drenched before I could even get it on. About a minute in the band was forced to stop and everyone sought shelter in the dome. 
So we sat and watched the water seep up from the ground. We could feel the entire complex being bombarded by some of the fiercest rain I have experienced. A few times the place became aglow with lightning...and over an hour later, the venue security announced they were canceling the show and kicking us out into the storm!!!
Despite my disappointment, I really love random odd experiences like this and smiled a lot despite the circumstances....really I was still in the clouds from seeing Explosions....
Hiding from the storm:

So, to send some inspiration:

This one gives me serious chills:

I am so excited about my dawning 28th year! I haven't even started a new LIST and already I have tickets to see Sufjan Stevens, The Dodos, and Tegan and Sara in October alone!!! Good things ahead!

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