Sunday, August 24, 2008

a little this and that...

been a bit here there everywhere...apprehensive and pensive about the pending school year...everything is starting to move really fast remembering the little things that make you happy...
Getting ATC-serious! Handmade envelopes en-masse
Portable work station...camerahead paperdoll made for one of my favorite ATC trade partners photoaskew2008... You can see my little packets up in the right corner ready to be mailed. One of those little bundles of love is making its way to the Netherlands!! To sharing little works of art!
Most recent ATC: "The Home of Ideas"
Handmade envelope (housing a handmade card) for my darling Patti's wedding!! (more on that later!)
AND....drum roll...after much ado I finally got my haircut!! 
I am so happy to have short hair again! I don't miss the long hair at all! Luckily I had enough hair to donate to Locks of Love!! 11 inches!!! wowowow!
Here is me in my dazzling dress getting ready for the wedding! Yay narcissism!

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  1. Oh, the haircut is cute! Ya know, I never saw you with your hair down. I had no idea how long it was. So,to me, your haircut looks very natural, like "you." You have been very productive! We are on a bit of the same crafty train, lately. I've been making simple stationery kits for my etsy shop. That poor etsy shop! Love everything. See you soon! xoxo



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