Sunday, September 28, 2008

art is the message (my latest obsessions)...

Need to share my recent sources of inspiration:
I love paper art of all sorts, and then, as if I woke from a dream I found Jayme McGowan and her amazing art. Her pieces are simple, intricate, emotive, fluid. Alive. I can't even describe what happens in my heart and soul when I see work like hers. Le sigh.
I cannot begin to explain the impact Tattfoo has had on me. It is sad, but so fitting that I found him now. I believe that the cosmos communicates with you when it is time to really understand the messages around you. What I love about Tattfoo is his philosophy on art and the nature of collaboration. There is the sense of art as a universal message, a code to be read and experienced. What is eerie is that Tattfoo has resided on Staten Island and once had a gallery in the same spot that my father's friend Santo had a gallery, and I didn't know about him until now. I saw works he has done on Staten Island and about Staten Island and can't believe I have never brushed paths with this "je ne sais quoi". So, on of my next goals is to be involved with something of his and to interview him. It is hard for me to fully explain his work, so check out his site, experience his vision, and have the same epiphanies I had. 
And, while I am sharing recent inspiration, check this out:
To all, let's build something great here. The message is art/creation, the art/creation is the message.

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  1. tattfoo10:10 AM

    thanks for blogging about my works. I'll keep you update on my art project. See you in the next art event.



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