Tuesday, June 09, 2009


11/365: Oh Silly Alice
Here is a small visual tour of my stroll around Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One of the many classic neighborhoods so distinct of the borough!
In hindsight, this area had so many tinges of my trip to Poland that it is fitting that there is quite an obvious polish presence in this area. 

A strange yet hypnotic splatter across a building on Lorimer St.

These views remind me of Poland, especially the green building.

Local Street Art that caught my eye:

Having no other motive than to explore and look at everything around you is one of the greatest treasures. Sigh.


  1. deshilholles1:30 AM

    Re yr closing sentence...

    Sanskrit culture over some centuries generated a really highly developed aesthetics that applies. Each thing in the world has a savor (rasa) -- one or more of them -- that a discerning person (sahá¹›daya) notes. That rasa is then expressed and evoked in others via suggestion (dhvani), in the form of art (drama, poetry, visual art...).

  2. I never find that cool stuff.

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Thank you for the pictorial tour ... it reminds me to take pictures next time I'm at my hairdresser's. He's in our German Village. I've always loved the houses & architecture there - I should photograph my favs, for sure.

  4. these are cool photos. it looks a lot like downtown long beach (southern california) where i live.

    and your shoes are darling! :)

  5. deshiholles: Wow, so beautiful! It is funny because I have been learning a bit about Sanskrit lately! Thank you for sharing!

    Jason: It is EVERYWHERE!! Just look!

    Nancy: I am so happy I inspired you!! Would love to see the village!!

    Jasmine: OOh, I have been California dreaming a lot lately!! And thank you about the shoes, all girls love to hear it! : )

  6. NP, no point in not sharing really. Ended up publishing a couple of things about Max Mueller, the guy who did the first edition of the Rig Veda, while studying the emergence of modern ideas about language and their effect on literature. Ol' Max invented the term "comparative mythology" while looking for the links between Skt and other Indo-European languages and cultures. If you want some ideas some time about interesting Skt and interesting lit that was written in it, ask...



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