Monday, June 08, 2009


This Sunday, Jay, JP and I went out to McCarren Park for the Renegade Craft Fair! I love this area so much and being here makes me miss living in Brooklyn so much!! There is so much to love and enjoy here, so really I could write a blog solely on here are some of the highlights from an awesome day of exploration and discovery!


I was so excited to see their stuff in person!! I really wish I would have bought more, but I did snag a cute little "Hello" flag (shown below and in my goodies pic!)

And I loved loved loved SHIH's display!! This was my favorite little detail!

I desperately want one!!

You have to check out their stuff!!! It is one of those see it to believe it experiences!! I must say I seriously contemplated owning one of these!!

This picture does his work no real justice. I was completely captivated the moment I walked into the fair and really need to own one of his original pieces one day!
I got the pleasure to talk to the artist behind these crazy-cool pieces!! I was teasing how one would have to be extra gentle when purchasing one so the work wouldn't disappear!! Conversation ensued, and I learned that Nate empties out the sand and the design stays safe!! This one was my favorite.

I really budgeted myself, so as much as there were loads of things I wanted, I came home with my "Hello" flag--which I waved around dreamily for a good amount of time!; the recycled journal from: Ex Libris Anonymous --and got another free one that was damaged, so so cool (gave it to JP!!); the cute print set is from: Rifle Design; the pin was free from the named company (so cute); and the keychain was given to me by Jay!!

Sadly, I was so enamored by the surroundings and weather to stop and get a love letter written!! So so cute!!

Messages were written in chalk around the perimeter of the park to promote the weekly Artists and Fleas Flea Market

JP and I walked into this puppet show en route to the bathroom and were instantly pulled in with amazement!! Besides how lovely the puppets are to watch, what made the moment even greater was that these guys performed "Strawberry Fields" through the puppets--- and it ROCKED!!!

Other vendors who rocked:

(especially love the little embroidered pieces!!)

(I want to own or make one of these neck cuffs so badly!!)

(total cuteness)
(I kind of regret not buying a print!)

(Definitely the most unique vendor! I adore her upcycling!)

10/365: "What a Renegade"


  1. That face makes you look right out of The Preacher. Speaking of I need #5.

  2. just wanted to say hi!, and that I'm glad you liked my work, and thanks for sharing it

  3. Have you ever (when you were little) done something amazing on an etch-a-sketch and run to show someone it and it disappeared. damn shaky hands.

  4. Thanks for sharing our work from Renegade Craft Fair and for the sidebar link! We appreciate all the love.

    Dolan & Ali
    Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent

  5. PS - Can we return the favor with a link on our Friends and Sponsors page?
    It's our version of a links page and we'd be happy to include a link to karma button if you like. We just need a 70 x 70 pixels JPG image to participate.

    Thanks again!
    Dolan & Ali

  6. Nate: You rock!

    Jason: I was super cautious with my etch-a-sketch and generally found that it took a whole lot to make the images disappear!

    Dolan: I would be absolutely honored and will get back to you with an image! I vow to own one of your original pieces one day! (Hopefully soonish!)



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