Friday, November 20, 2009

27 Things I am Glad I did Before 28...

photo by Mad_T

I have been wanting to write a post looking back on my "27 Things Before 28" list (thank you to Andrea for motivating me to consciously do this for the past few years)--as in what I did or did not accomplish, and sharing my new list...yet it seems it takes me awhile before I can fully reflect and put things into words. Today I was first inspired by Elsie and the photo I will share the supplemental list I made a few months ago (when I actually turned 28) to make me feel better about the things I didn't do on my initial list.

27 Things I am Glad I did Before 28...
(some huge, some seemingly trivial)

1. Van Duzer Days!-- Upcycling Booth--on two different weeks I broke out of my shell and upcycled loads of junk through the outlet of art and sharing! I felt like so much was purged--literally and figuratively by the simple acts of sitting on sidewalks painting cardboard with people. So many things I love all wrapped up in single days full of creation and friends!!

2. Matt Accardo portrait-- I had secretly hoped I would one day be photographed by Matt, who has since  become a great new presence and inspiration. I love how he captures people, and mostly that he is recording stories of our island!

3. Tattoo #4-- gam zeh yavoor: This Too Shall Pass. To lift me up when I am down, to humble me when I am too full of remind me of impermanence and irony.

4. Sewed a tool roll-- I never follow through on projects...this once I did! The tutorial came from Lotta's Simple Sewing book!

5. Vedic Astrology classes-- every Thursday I either host, or at least commit to learning and discussing so many amazing things along with my friend and astrologer Jay!

6. Movies at the Tibetan museum!-- a J.P., Jay, and I ritual when there are events!

7. Saw a Meteor!--even though there wasn't much of a shower, J.P, Cristyn and I hung out on the beach and enjoyed the sky. Each of us saw one, separately--thus we know there were at least three that sprayed across the sky!

8. Got a new bed!-- a real big girl bed!! This has perhaps been one of my largest adult purchases...and my body thoroughly thanks me for this...especially after spending months sleeping on a couch and then futon!! ouch.

9. Got a Bicycle!!-- a super rad electric blue vintage one!! (yes, RAD!)

10. Made a chocolate chickpea cake! (indulgent and good for you!!)

11. Made Zucchini cupcakes! (I feel similarly about these as I do about the chickpea cake!)

12. My Peanut-butter granola balls--(need to find a shorter name!) were loved at a local Wellness fair!! Yummy little doses of energy! Easy (and healthy) recipe came from Everyday Food magazine!

14. Featured on scribble project-- this entire concept is so much fun and inspiring!!

15. Started 365 project-- though it has been quite hard to be consistent here! Overall this project has been quite a profound little journey for me!! hmm...

16. Crocheted a gillion tawashis and dishcloths!! Gave some to friends, use 'em!! I have learned that one ball of Sugar 'n Cream yarn makes exactly two tawashis!

17. Made my own shampoo-- can't remember the exact source of the recipe, but essentially I just used some lavender Dr. Bronner's castille soap (thank you Cyndy for introducing me officially!), a splash of apple cider vinegar, a drop of olive oil, and water--put it all in a spray bottle, shake and use! This will last forever and makes my hair so much healthier...and mind you saves a lot of money on product that robs you of your natural oils.

18. Participated in a Red Velvet Art on-line craft class!

19. Made my own room mist-- no more buying toxic air sprays...a few drops of REAL essential oil and water in a spray bottle!

20. New upcycling projects!-- making journals for and with friends, inspiring others, discovering so many more ways to be self-sustainable!!

21. One allergy free room!!-- much to my cat's chagrin, my bedroom is my ultimate sanctuary...though dust magically accumulates no matter what!

22. Survived a difficult break up relatively unscathed--and helped some friends with my determination to enjoy life at all costs! Keep on truckin' through thick and thin! (yay Grateful Dead reference!)

23. Had a student thank me in a speech and another tell me her tattoo was inspired by life lessons I taught in class. Not much is better than those moments...

24. Iphone!-- do I need to even explain the beauty that is iphone?? I am an open Mac lover!!

25. Finished books 1-5 of Sookie Stackhouse series and caught up on the show--total indulgent mind numbing brain candy...guilty as charged!

26. Cristyn and I became addicted to Being Human and all things BBC America (see 25!)

27. Renegade craft fair! Such a fun day with so many opportunities to take photos!!

I do all of this so I can remember, and share the little things that make life so so worth it. This alone is a huge challenge to myself and to all of you...take time to consider what makes you feel good about being you, about the life you lead and the people in it. There are so many things each year that make life difficult, but I try to balance that with beauty and gratitude...and for my own sake, for my loved ones, and perhaps for my hypothetical future children I try to document all of the good so I can one day look back and say "beautiful".


  1. i'm listening to a kwan yin channeled message as i read this blog, she just said: "love is the experience of creation creating itself"

    YOU are LOVE!

  2. aww!! thank you for giving me love!! xoxo such a beautiful saying...i need to keep that one close to me!

  3. Meant to tell you how touched I was by that last line...Yes, life is indeed beautiful and it is a legacy to our children, both present and future that we savor and record the beauty...Here's to passing on the love of life and creation...and being human. Love you. In case this does not let me leave a comment again...This is Cyndy! xo



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